According to new research, negative personalities are more likely to use online matchmaking services than people who are more outgoing.

So, if you’re using online dating services and applications, what’s the best approach?

First thing first: If someone could rephrase this for me, please do so! And I think that my character is fun, outgoing, easygoing and probably a few other things I forgot. But let’s focus on the important ones here. Music, arts, animals, nature, etc. I adore them.

I’m just not so sure anymore, everybody is anybody and only memories matter…

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

What makes two people connect in the first instance?

In order to attract people who share similar interests and values, it’s important to show your best side. Whether it’s an outfit, a location or a certain pose, try to make it count. Showing off your best features doesn’t mean you should dress or act provocatively; instead, focus on finding ways to highlight particular qualities such as compassion, kindness or creativity. Try to find something that really stands out and gives viewers something to relate to – no one wants to see another boring profile!

Impact of personality traits

Even though introverts tend to prefer waiting for people before approaching them, most introverts don’t mind at all when an extravert makes the first move. However, the difference between the two personality types is that extraverts usually let us feel more comfortable before starting up conversations than introverts do.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you yet; make your move. Be bold and don’t hesitate to take action. You can start a conversation by saying hello, complimenting him/her, or asking about his/her day. It could also help to share something personal about yourself. You don’t have to go through the entire process, but getting into a conversation is an excellent place to begin.

It’s one more thing: If you talk to someone on a matchmaking platform (or similar) site because you think they’re really cool and interesting, but they don’t reply to your message within 24 hours, it might be best not to waste time messaging them again. After chatting for awhile, remember that you’ve both come here for the same purpose — to meet people and see who clicks!

Online daters spend so much time thinking about their appearance that they focus too much on making themselves look good rather than focusing on who they really are.

Give Clues

If your dating profile includes selfie shots, or boring pictures of yourself hanging out in your living room, you aren’t giving people much information with which to judge you. And if they can’t figure out quickly whether you’re like them and share the same interests, you might miss out on an opportunity to meet someone who likes exactly what you like. Help them out! Pack your dating photo with plenty of personal details. Show them what you think is cool. Wearing clothes with brands you love, carrying items you’ve got tattooed, showing off jewelry you love, taking pics at locations you love, getting creative with location shots, taking them in interesting spots… These are all ways you can stand out without having to say much.
If you love the ocean, take your pics along the shoreline. If you’re all into the great indoors, hit the parks and museums. If you live somewhere hot, soak up rays at the local pool. Whatever. Just pack your pics with tons of detail so that people can see right through you and understand what you’re like. You could try something crazy like putting together your own playlist and letting each song play for a couple seconds before snapping a pic. Or you could wear a bandana around your face, put on sunglasses, carry a cup of coffee or a water bottle, or take a shot against a background image you’ve made yourself

A rejection mind set has been cited by many online dating websites as one of the biggest deterrents for people seeking love online.

Why people behave badly on dating apps

Online daters who cheat, ghost, and swipe bring out their worst tendencies when they meet someone new. Do we really need to do things this way?

As you talk to potential matches online, listen closely for clues about who they are and what makes them tick. When you send the first text, always make sure to reference a specific thing they’ve talked about or shared on their profile – for example, their recent vacation to France or their interest cooking Thai food. You don’t have to write an entire paragraph just because someone asks you ‘How was your weekend?’ It gives them a good idea of what you’re like if they ask you about anything else: a thoughtful, considera­ble listener who’s genuinely interested in everyone else.


There isn’t a formula for determining whether two people are compatible or not.

Online Dating Research: Statistics, Scams, Pros and Cons

Online daters often engage in risky behaviors such as meeting up at inappropriate locations or sending sexually explicit messages.

One in three people are currently or have been involved in an internet dating relationship.

Even though lying is often considered to be among the least liked qualities of online dat­ing, nearly half (57%) of online dat­ers lie to each other by pretending to have certain attributes, fakery for example feigning a name different from the real one, pretendi­ng to live somewhere else than where they actually live, etc.

relationship between personal safety

You may be worried about your safety when you meet someone through an online dating site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out. Many people worry about security issues, such as whether or not their devices are safe, whether or not their data has been compromised by hackers, or whether or not they’re at risk of meeting bad guys on the Internet. However, there aren’t any real dangers involved if you go through the right steps. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about dating apps, websites, and social media sites so you can feel confident going into the world of online dating.

Given that people lie for a variety of different purposes online, we need to be concerned with their authenticity. Don’t put complete faith in a stranger who tells you something about himself that isn’t true; don’t be fooled by the fake profiles on social media websites.

online dating services

With online daters so common today, people are increasingly sharing their personal lives with complete strangers via email, text messages, mobile apps, etc., which may be one reason why those who use online matchmaking services feel concerned about their online security.

There may be times when some people’s concerns about online datings end up becoming a real problem. After all, online daters don’t always end up together, so why would they expect everything to be perfect when they start out?

Today, online daters are inundated with spammy messages from bots and fake profiles that imitate people. It doesn’t mean playing down your unique traits or unusual viewpoints so that anyone else could just replicate them perfectly. By trying to please even more than a hundred people all at once, we may end up pleasing no one and instead miss out on some truly valuable opportunities. Only taking safe bets means we lose the chance to explore new ways of doing things.

Online dating: Aim for success, keep it short, and be patient.

Contacting people “out of your league”, can be a successful online dating strategy.

Men and woman tend to send longer text message to their desired partners, but they don’t seem to get any better results from doing so.

Why does writing a longer message not work?

Online Dating – Does Your Personality Type Think It’s Pointless?

Online dating has gone from a niche, misunderstood by outsiders, to a thriving and respectable option for finding romantic partners. However, some people prefer to meet their potential mates offline rather than online.

Personality types such as Analysts, Diplomats, and Sensors tend to expect online relationships to go well. They believe that if they don’t succeed in finding someone special, then there must be something wrong with them. However, people who are more practical (Sentinels and Explorers) may be pleasantly suprised by any success at all because they don’t expect online relationships to be any different than real life ones.